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将棋対戦 【絆】メールのようにゆっくり対局 apk


“■08/26 1.6 ■■03/25UPDATE21531000GET◎ Battle in chess every day, which leads in chess every dayIt is a chess services su

■08/26 バージョン 1.6 アップデート情報■

■03/25 UPDATE 対局相手の勝敗数を表示。ランダムマッチでアクティブ率が高い方とマッチングしやすくいたしました。





 形勢判断するための評価関数において,盤面全体の利きや持駒と手番から算出する先手/後手それぞれから見た局面の状況に応じて,駒が将来的に働くかどうかやそのポテンシャルを滑らかに変動させる構造により,非線形な特性を考慮した局面評価を特徴とする攻めが強いソフトが多い中で,受けに特徴があるという評判もあり,攻守にバランスが取れた棋風である 開発者 竹内 章

Battle in chess every day, which leads in chess every day
It is a chess services such as e-mail.
[Beta] during delivery
■ 08/26 version 1.6 update information ■
I kept you waiting.
I did to watch the game records requests from everyone there were many!

■ To view the outcome of the number 03/25 UPDATE opposite station opponent. I did it is easy to match with those active in the high rate of random match.

Think carefully, opposite station opponent and points to the hand,
Notice the push!
You can also chat with friends shogi.

You can play opposite station multiple partners both in parallel.

5th 21th World Computer Shogi tournament finals, the king of game played 3rd power
Mode to hearing the best hand “習甦 (bromine)” to be installing!

You can GET the point of ¥ 1,000 worth now!

◎ and 習甦 is
In the evaluation function for the positional judgment, smoothly varying its potential and whether it according to the situation of the aspects seen from each initiative / iron that calculated from the phasing and MOCHIGOMA (Piece in Hand) and handed the board a whole, the piece would work in the future There is also a reputation in soft attack by structure to be characterized by a phase evaluation that takes into account the non-linear characteristic is strong in many cases, that there is a feature to receive, developers Takeuchi chapter is Kifu that balances the offense and defense

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